Sun’s Out, Boards Out.

Before I went to the iceland of winter in Idaho. I got to enjoy my new board for a little in southern Utah. Behind the house we were staying at there was a smooth paved trail perfect for longboarding! So, that exactly where I went to try out my new style of board. But, longboarding without kicking is always a better choice than having to kick my way around the trail. Thankfully, my Dad had his bike and was itching to ride it.

We found a short rope and connected it to his bike. All I had to do was hold on and get the feel for the full carving capacity of the sidewinder series. which was very impressive! Although, I don’t think my dad liked pulling a hard carving son behind him. However, I loved just hanging on and moving. If it was downhill, all I had to do was let go and fly down the hill. Although the hills were not all that big.


Thankfully, no falling rocks hit us on my last ride for some time. The worst that I saw was some loose gravel on the trail, that my longboard with its sector nine top shelf solon wheels just glided over with ease. This was in the first few days of January. Thus, it was a little chilly.


Arriving to Idaho.


This was a month or so in, It wasn’t any better when I go there though. In all that white there is a sidewalk, driveway (for an apartment), grass (dead), and a road that these trucks are powering though. Needless to say, I was going through longboard withdraws, especially since I had a new one just waiting for me to ride. All I could do was hope for better sunny days ahead.

About two months in, it finally cleared up a little! Of course it was still freezing, especially when moving fast. Having the wind blow on your face and any exposed skin it can find justs makes it hurt. But, it was worth it.


Unfortunately, It was all flat. Not only that, but I didn’t have my dad anywhere near me to pull me along. So I just pushed, A LOT! I was on my board though and that was something I didn’t have for around two months. The freedom felt amazing to say the least.

Longboard session has opened once again!


What do you guys do when the cold stops you from boarding? comment below and let me know!

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