Double Kingpin

Flying back to college in the state of Idaho. I knew I would not be longboarding for a couple of months. Because of the multiple feet of snow and ice that would be everywhere in the month of January. However, I was hopeful that I would be longboarding again in around two-three months time. So, I had my Sector Nine in hand, walking up to the counter to check my bags before airport security.

I have been on flights before where I had my longboard as a carry on. Without fail little kids would look and tell me how cool my board was, which I did enjoy. I mean why would I be anywhere without it? That’s when the front counter lady told me no, I could not have it as a carry on. I felt lost, what would I now ride in college? Luckily, my Mom was going back home after dropping me off. As I handed her my longboard to bring home, I felt as though part of my identity was leaving with her.

Me and my Dad then took off to Las Vegas, as we had family around there to stay with before driving up to Idaho. We were driving around during our small break before the trek to Idaho getting food and such for the apartment when he pulled into Lip Trix, a small boardshop. Even with it’s size being small, it still had a pretty good selection of longboards! Even some very nice quality  double drops. My Dad knew how much I wanted my longboard still. So, he offered to get me one! But, not the more expensive ones. With that in mind I walked away from the double drops and explored the rest of the boards.

I was interested in a low board of course. Thus, that took out around half the section. I then found a double kingpin that mimicked my first Sector Nine. Bamboo, drop-through, pretty much the same color scheme. I own a drop though, and a double drop, It is now time to add a drop through double kingpin to my collection or quiver.


A double Kingpin differs in the sense that turning can be done much more sharply. This is because instead of one set of bushing  (the rubber that allows you to turn), It has two sets. Which can be found on the kingpins (where you tighten or loosen your trucks) which it has two of. Hence, the name double kingpin. Thus, Carving can be done in a much more fluid motion as well as much tighter. The trucks that can be found on this board are Gullwing Sidewinder II. The trucks are really what makes this board different with its almost effortless carving. As well with it being a little shorter than my other boards coming in at 33.5″.

As you can see the wheels are a little dirty from some riding. But, that is for my next post. Until then you can check out my instagram of my longboards at collegeghost. Don’t forget to comment on any questions or recommendations you might have for me.





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