The Double Drop

I was on a church mission for two years in Mexico. During which time I didn’t have a long board. However, that didn’t stop me from thinking about it!  When thinking about my drop though Sector 9 and drop down boards I had seen. I had the idea of why not combine the two to be even lower to the ground? Thankfully I wasn’t the first to think of such.



As seen in the illustration to the left, there are four main types of mounts of the trucks to be attached. It goes from highest from the ground (top) to lowest (bottom). In another post about my first long board. My first ever experience with a long board was a pin-tail top-mount, which felt way to high for me. However, it is all about personal feeling. Because of which, you will always see me favoring lower boards.


When I was in Mexico and had this idea it wouldn’t leave my mind. As I did enjoy my drop though, but being lower would be even better. So I told my Dad about it in a letter, and even drew a side view of how I thought it would look and work. I was very impressed when he came back telling me it already exists. I had never seen it before, and still hardly see it in stores. It is more of a rare style to come across, and when you do they usually cost more then the average board.

I am more of a curse rider myself when long boarding, as there are not many hills where I can freely ride. Thus, a lot of kicking is done on my part to get anywhere. Because of this my go to board is the Drop Freeride 41 by Original. This board is very low to the ground, in fact it is a double drop! Meaning that the long board trucks actually go through the wood (or bamboo) of the board, and the wood of the board is also formed downward towards the ground, on the ends. Of course, the middle part where one would stand is flat.  This makes kicking a breeze and much more powerful, on the part of the rider.

Ever since having a double drop style board, it is hard to go back to anything else. I feel safer, being close to the ground. Kicking for speed also involves very little effort compared to top-mounted boards.



I have added pictures of my double drop board, the trucks and wheels are not stock with Original. It is also a little dirty as I was riding in the rain, last time I rode.



My sector 9 from a previous post, added in.

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