My First Long Board

The first long board I ever rode was my friend’s sector nine pin-tail. I was a solid wood board with no flex whatsoever, and of course it was pretty broken in. I rode it around a little on flat ground, and though it was pretty cool. I never bombed any hills with it, nor did I want to as I was pretty scared of the speed. I did ride it to the movie theater a few times on the flat side walk and that was pretty much the extent of my long boarding skill. This was during in my freshman year of college.

One day we then went to the store Zumiez in the mall, and what did I see? A stack of awesome looking long boards! I looked around and found some Sector Nine boards as it was a brand I knew and trusted. I saw a few pin-tails but I never really liked how high I was on them. As the height made it hard to kick fully as well as be comfortable with higher speeds (at least for me). This one however, was a drop though deck (meaning that the trucks went through the board to bring you closer to the ground) made of bamboo and had highlights of light blue. I rode it and I loved the feel of being lower to the ground, as I feel somewhat safer that way. The board also had a slight flex or spring to it, I was unsure of what this meant at the time but I liked it.

I am a pretty thrifty person, in the sense that I think twice before buying a pack of gum. Yet, I dropped the cash after thinking for a total of 5-10 minutes on this board, I have not regretted it since. That move has launched me into my hobby of long boards. That was my first long board , Still being ridden to this day



3 thoughts on “My First Long Board

  1. DUDE!! Super sick man! I love skateboarding and Longboarding. Been doing it my whole. So it’s fun to read about your longboarding blogs. Something that I relate to for sure. Good job.


    1. Thank you Tony it does mean a lot to hear that from you! It’s snowing here again, but I will try to keep up with the blog.
      Do you have any advice for me and this blog though?


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